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The Right to Make a Different Choice

Christine, Ava, and Renee*. Three women with different life circumstances. One is a college graduate, two graduated high school. One is the mother of an elementary student, one is the mother of a preschooler, and one is the mother of a toddler. One is employed, one works part-time, and one is unemployed. One has a supportive husband and mother. One has no support at all, except for friends, and one has a boyfriend who is sometimes supportive.

Despite their differences, they have one thing in common. They all received the news of their unexpected pregnancy with fear, they each chose abortion, and immediately each of them regretted her decision.

Many people don’t know that abortion by abortion pill is reversible if help is obtained within the first 72 hours. I’m very happy to say that Informed Choices is a part of the Abortion Pill Rescue network where this help can be received.

Because Christine, Ava, and Renee reached out for help, they have something else in common. Each has a healthy, active, beautiful baby growing inside of her. One is in her 3rd trimester, one is in her 2nd trimester, and one is in her 1st trimester. They have each received love and support from Informed Choices. First, with abortion pill rescue, including an ultrasound each week to see if their baby’s heart was beating (yes, that is as poignant as it sounds) and to measure their little one’s growth. They have also received practical support with prenatal vitamins, maternity and baby clothes, and supplies. While also receiving much needed hugs, prayers, and conversation.

We love them and their babies. We are so honored to be a part of their right to change their choice from death to LIFE!

*Name changed to protect our client's privacy


Client Services

How do we assess the abortion-vulnerable?

The abortion-vulnerable patient is one who, by continuing her pregnancy, faces challenges and problems that she may feel unprepared or unable to manage. (AAPLOG Practice Bulletin No. 4-2018)

The more life stressors a client has increases her likelihood of choosing abortion. The following are a few common life stressors seen in our clients:

  • Unplanned pregnancy

  • Low financial resources

  • History of abortion

  • Boyfriend/father of child pressing for abortion

More than 50% of the pregnancy services clients served in the first quarter of 2022 are abortion-vulnerable. We empower these individuals through a comprehensive network of care and education, providing life-affirming options consultation.

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