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Resilience – It Must Be Practiced

Each year a word is chosen for the staff to reflect on for inspiration and this year the word is resilient.  

Resilient means an ability to recover from, or adjust easily to, misfortune or change. 

We experienced a number of challenges over the past year, from funding struggles to staffing changes. However, one of the most significant changes is the rise in the number of women seeking abortion services. 

This rise in abortion minded or abortion determined women is the most difficult aspect of our job, especially for our nurses. The nurses listen to the client’s stories and all the reasons they believe abortion is their only option. They perform an ultrasound to show the mother the life she is carrying while praying diligently and asking God to intervene and save this baby. They ask God, by the Holy Spirit, to speak truth through them into each mother’s heart.


Sadly, sometimes the mother will still choose abortion.  

Tears are shed, hearts are heavy and disappointment is felt throughout the clinic. The nurses often question if they said or did enough. As a staff, we remind them that they did everything in their power to help the mother choose life. I often remind them that everyone’s path to Jesus looks different. And that as heartbreaking as it is, we must continue to pray for them and let God work His plan in their life.  

It is terribly difficult to hear when a client chooses abortion because we know, at some point in her life, she will regret her decision. Women tend to choose abortion based on what the future does or does not hold, rather than asking the question, “Is there anything or anyone who can help me right now?” 

Through these difficult times, we are thankful that we had the privilege of sharing the love of Jesus, and shine His light, even for a short time, to the mothers who chose abortion.

Then there are the women who come into the clinic believing abortion is their only option, but once they see their baby on the screen and hear the heartbeat, there is a monumental shift in their thinking. A woman cannot unsee what she has seen or unhear the sound of her baby’s heart beating. A beautiful, lifelong connection has been made. 

These are the moments that help us stay resilient. We know in all things God is in control, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the heartbreak of abortion. We must stand firm in our resilience with the Lord our God, because we know He has a plan and works all things for good. The more we turn to God the more we grow our resilience in the face of hardship, heartbreak, and adversity. 

God bless our nurses; they have a tough and beautiful job! 



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