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Post Abortion Recovery - for women

Many years ago I heard a message at my church about a post abortive bible study at Informed Choices. The purpose of this study was to provide healing for women with abortion in their past. My abortion as a teenager was one of my deepest darkest secrets. Heartache and pain consumed me at the thought of my sin and what I had done to my own child. After attending this study, I experienced God's healing love and His forgiveness in a special way. Now my hope and joy are that I will be with my child in heaven and most of all, the comfort that all children of abortion have a purpose and the best of life with Jesus.

The healing power of the SOS program at Informed Choices was so inspiring that I was eager to share with other women. God has blessed me in so many ways in my spiritual journey that I volunteered as co-leader and leader for the evening sessions of SOS - Surrendering Our Secret. The sessions are confidential and supported with love and compassion by the SOS team. As a participant and leader, I have witnessed an amazing change and transformation in every woman that has attended the post abortive program. Most of the women have found a deeper understanding and acceptance of self forgiveness and God's forgiveness. If you are reading this and have the heartbreak of abortion, I hope you will join us soon and receive the healing God wants for you. The next 8 week study session begins Wednesdays, September 6 - October 25th. In the sessions you will discover the truth about abortion, share your secret, learn how God heals broken hearts and replaces shame and guilt with joy and peace, and the powerful message of the cross and God's forgiveness. An important part of this healing is learning to love and honor our children with respect and dignity.

God's plan for my life includes sharing that little baby lives matter and that the SOS ministry helps others know the truth about abortion. It's my way to love and respect my unborn child and to thank God for his grace and forgiveness. Please pray this ministry grows and provides the needed healing for women in our community.

"I went to SOS thinking I had already dealt with healing from abortion. I was wrong. it helped me move forward with my healing and I'M SO THANKFUL I WENT!" ~ Former SOS Attendee

"The sos bible study shone a light on what I considered my deepest darkness, which I had held onto for 40 years. it helped me see the grace and mercy of a mighty god, and it helped me recognize, acknowledge, and fall in love with my heavenly child. I no longer have that darkness in my heart and I will be forever grateful that I attended the study." ~ Former SOS ATTENDEE

"I did SOs to know what Informed Choices was offering clients - not because I thought I needed to heal from my past abortion. Little did I know God was going to show me where I was still hurt, and begin to heal me. The SOS leaders played a huge role as they had similar experiences and shared them with love and forgiveness." ~ Former SOS ATTENDEE
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