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From Fear to Strength

We exist to make her fearless...

Adrianna* said she wanted to have her baby, but her boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion. She wasn't sure how her mom or sister would react to her pregnancy. When I asked her how she was feeling after telling her that her pregnancy test was positive, she said one word, “scared.” We had a long conversation where she shared her fears. When they were spoken out loud, they didn't sound so terrible after all. She had hopes for a support system with some family members and also that her boyfriend might come around eventually. I assured her that we would like to be part of her support system also. I told her I would be very happy to talk with her anytime and that we are ready and able to provide maternity clothes, baby clothes and supplies, pregnancy support classes, and community referrals. I also offered her an ultrasound so that she could make her decision based on truth. She saw her tiny baby on the ultrasound screen and heard the thump, thump of the tiny heart beating. Afterward I asked how she was feeling. Again, she answered with one word, “protective.” The scared mama became the strong mama when she got the chance to talk out her fears, to be offered understanding and support, and to connect with her baby.

*Name changed to protect our client's privacy.

Courage is not the absence of fear, 

But rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. 

 ~ Ambrose Redmoon


Abortion is a fear problem… 


Fear of judgement, fear of abandonment, and fear of failure all contribute to a decision for abortion. 


We exist to vanquish fear. 


We replace it with love, with support, with education and with tangible resources. 


We never judge, and we never tell a woman what to do. 


She’s already strong enough. She’s already smart enough. She’s already caring enough. 


We make her fearless. 

 ~ Alpha Pregnancy Center  

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