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changed minds

by Debbie Whittaker, RN Nurse Manager

When I offered them their ultrasound pictures I received a hard no. They left Informed Choices seemingly as abortion-determined as when they arrived. But Tonya* and Brandon* couldn't unsee what they had seen in the ultrasound room. They saw a fully developed little person with eyes, nose, and mouth (opening and closing!), and little arms moving and tiny legs kicking. I told them I would put the pictures in Tonya's file and if they changed their mind they could come back for them. They were very united in their agreement that they adamantly, did not, ever, want children. Tonya said that she loved her freedom and that she really didn't like babies. Brandon said he also loved his freedom and that although he liked other people's children, he thought he was too selfish to ever have his own. After they left, the Informed Choices staff and volunteers gathered together to pray for them. I sent an email to our prayer coordinator who sent the prayer request to over 200 of our prayer partners. I kept one precious ultrasound picture taped to my computer so that I would remember to pray for them. I also kept a tiny, precious knitted hat that had been handmade by a very special volunteer next to my computer, with the hope that one day I would be able to give it to Tonya and Brandon for their baby. I didn't have to wait long. Two weeks later, Tonya and Brandon came in for the pictures that had given them their first glimpses of their baby.

They were all smiles and joy. Isn't God amazing?

I'm so thankful that he uses a small pregnancy medical clinic called Informed Choices, and a not-so-simple piece of equipment called an ultrasound machine to change the course of history.

*client’s name changed to protect their privacy



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