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a second chance

Her tummy is beautifully round and her smile is big. She thought she couldn’t have this baby. She thought she didn’t have enough support…enough room…enough money…enough energy…enough love.

With tears streaming down her face, she went to an abortion provider and took the abortion pill. Because of Abortion Pill Rescue, she had a second chance and was able to make a different decision. And she did. She chose life.

Christine* started the Abortion Pill Rescue Protocol when her baby measured 6 weeks and 5 days. She came into Informed Choices every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks for an ultrasound to see if her baby’s heart was still beating. Each week we held our breath as we waited to hear the tiny thump-thump of life, breathing a sigh of relief when that precious sound filled the room.

We got very close to Christine during those holy moments. When she reached 12 weeks, she no longer needed a weekly ultrasound. We were both happy and sad that day, not knowing if she would continue to share her journey with us. We had bonded so much with this precious mama and her unborn baby. To our surprise, she came to tell us she was having a baby boy. She could have called, but I think she came in person because she felt as bonded to us as we did to her. She too had made a connection and felt supported.

Since that day, she has come back in for maternity and baby clothes, along with other supplies. Because of the amazing generosity of our donors, Informed Choices has been able to give her a bassinet, bouncer, boppy, baby boy clothes (lots!), and blankets - the list goes on! We will be very happy to continue providing Christine and her baby with clothing, supplies, and parenting support as needed.

Our God is the God of second chances. At Informed Choices we are so thankful to able to offer women Abortion Pill Rescue – a second chance to make a different decision and choose life.

We look forward to sharing her birth story in our November newsletter.

*Name changed to protect our client's privacy


The Abortion Pill & Abortion Pill Rescue

The use of abortion pills has been on the rise since the FDA approved them more than 20 years ago.

In 2020, medication abortion accounted for 54 percent of all U.S. abortions, up from 39% in 2017, according to the Guttmacher Institute.(1) As seen as a sanctuary state, where access to abortion remains legal, California is likely to see an increase in the number of women traveling to the state seeking abortion services. This reality will undoubtedly increase the rate of abortion and the use of RU-486.

Thanks to the Abortion Pill Rescue network, more than 3000 lives have been saved.(2) The staff at Informed Choices has borne witness to this life saving protocol. After receiving the call from the Abortion Pill Network, connecting these women to our center, our medical staff and advocate team have come alongside three women who had a change of heart after taking the first of two pills and chose LIFE for their child!

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