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post abortion recovery - for men

According to The National Survey on Family Growth, one in five men will experience abortion by the age of 45.

Men are not immune to the effects of abortion and often feel what is known as disenfranchised grief.

What is disenfranchised grief?

Disenfranchised grief is when your grieving doesn’t fit in with your larger society’s attitude about dealing with death and loss. The lack of support you get during your grieving process can prolong emotional pain.

"Do you have anything for men? We are suffering, too"

If you have an abortion in your past and are looking for support, we are here for YOU!

Informed Choices has recently updated our website with a For Men page under our Recovery Care Tab. Check out this new page and click the link for more Resources for Men:

Abortion support is vital to your recovery. We are here to help you find the support you need!

Are you interested in leading a post-abortion group for men?

Contact Traci Schulte, Clinic Services Director, at

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