Join an SOS Group Today

 You see, I do not want any woman to face the challenges of unsupported pregnancy without having the opportunity to receive Life-Affirming services like we provide at our clinic in Gilroy. Now, we can reach more women with the Message of Life as we travel to women who can’t get to us!

This is so important, because when women do NOT have this opportunity, they suffer. They fall prey to the lie of the abortion industry that says, “This is just like birth control. This is a problem you can do away with. You can end your pregnancy and never have to think about it again.” These are some of the things the leaders of our post-abortion groups, Surrendering Our Secret (SOS), were told - and these lies hurt them deeply. I am so thankful they allowed me to share parts of their stories with the guests at our banquet. Their stories inspire me to work harder and give more because I don’t want any woman to experience what they’ve gone through. 

Phylis, Noreen, Nancy, Suzanne, and Rhonda lead groups both morning and evening (and at times one/one.) If you or someone you know has abortion in their past, please contact the center today for more information.

Christine Vatuone