Meet Maureen!


Maureen owned Birth, Babies & Beyond for 20 years, serving as a private childbirth educator, doula, postpartum doula and a breastfeeding educator…both in hospital and for home births. Some excitement arose when she literally “caught” a baby in the back seat of a car on the way to the hospital in traffic! Maureen won’t need those skills while working at IC, but we will try to keep it exciting. Maureen has proven to have excellent administrative skills and has even filled in during staff vacations, but she is looking forward to more ongoing training here at IC to become a Patient Advocate and use her experience to work more closely with our clients.

Maureen and her husband, Michael, have attended Morgan Hill Bible Church for 13 years after relocating to Morgan Hill from San Jose in 2011. They are happily married and have 3 grown, married children. Maureen informed her children that she now knows that God had a special purpose in mind for children… to birth grandchildren! For the past four years she has enjoyed her own two grand babies, Katie 4 and Ben 2, who live right next door.


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Monday, October 14, 9am-2pm

Kathleen Shaffer