A Look Over My Shoulder July 2019


Gianna* is 21 and lives at home with her parents. She says that she and her boyfriend, Alex*, are committed to each other and are planning on getting married “someday.” Gianna said that she was “happy but afraid” when I told her that her pregnancy test was positive. When I asked what she was most afraid of, she said, “The big earthquake that’s going to happen when I tell my parents.”

Silence filled the room as the image became clear. Their baby was just 7 weeks and 3 days old. Inside this tiny being was the flicker-flicker of a beating heart. As the sound of their baby’s heartbeat filled the room, Gianna and Alex both started crying.

I asked Gianna how she was feeling. Her response was, “Much better!” She and Alex were both fortified for the ordeal of breaking the news to her parents. Seeing and hearing their baby’s heart beat made all the difference!

I called Gianna a week later to ask how her parents had received the news. She said, “Way better than I thought they would!”

It is a blessing beyond words to work here at Informed Choices. I am so aware of the beautiful gift of walking alongside our moms and dads on their oftentimes fear-filled journey. I am also so thankful for our amazing donors who have provided us with state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment. Your consistent monthly donations and generous gifts make it possible for us to support moms like Gianna* and dads like Alex.* Thank you!

*names and photos changed to protect patient privacy

Christina Whittaker