Dads: Heroes of Life

Father’s Day is a perfect time to acknowledge that while we do exist to “support women and uphold Life,” we also sometimes have the honor of supporting men (and they in turn sometimes play a role in helping us to fulfill our Mission.)

Truthfully, it is not often we see dads accompany our patients, but when we do – they can play a role in decisions for Life. We see the affect an ultrasound image has on them. We see dads willing to say more than just, “it’s your body and your decision.” Sometimes, they say, “It’s my baby, too, and I will support you both.”

In turn, we also see men turn their heart-felt belief in the value of human Life (or in some cases, their regret over past decisions) into life-saving work for IC. They serve as Board members and volunteers.

They help us with tasks like repairs and painting and they provide services, products and other skills so we do not have to pay for them out of pocket. We could not fulfill our Mission without these guys!

To all fathers both served by and serving at Informed Choices, we honor you and thank you for standing with us and with the mothers who so gratefully receive your time, talent, service and sacrifice. This Father's Day, please join these heroes of Life by offering a financial gift to honor and support dads!

From all of us at Informed Choices, Happy Father’s Day!

Christine Vatuone