A Look Over My Shoulder: Brandon & Jenna


Brandon* came to Informed Choices in support of his girlfriend Jenna.* Jenna said that she she didn’t “agree” with abortion but that she was “probably” going to have one anyway. She said she was afraid and that “this (was) not a good time to have a baby” but that Brandon would support “whatever I decide to do.” I talked with her about when she believes life begins. “Early” she answered. I asked if she would like an ultrasound and I was so glad when she said yes...and asked if Brandon could come in too.

Brandon was nervous but trying to support Jenna. He held her hand and made small talk as I started scanning. As their tiny baby came into focus on the viewing screen he stopped talking and just stared. The sound of the tiny heart beating filled the room. Jenna was teary-eyed and Brandon was “stunned to silence.” (Jenna’s words!)

After giving Jenna some prenatal vitamins and a new mom’s packet of information and referrals, I was also able to give Brandon the book, “The Expectant Father.” He held it like it was a rare treasure. I thought my time with them had ended, but as I walked by the bathroom area I saw Brandon sitting in a chair waiting to give his opinion of some maternity clothes we were also able to give Jenna to try on (a good sign!) Brandon didn’t see me. His young head was bent over the book I had just given him. He seemed mesmerized. When a young man’s heart connects with his baby’s beating heart...a father is born! Thank you for your donations which allowed us to provide a decision-changing ultrasound to this couple and a simple tool to strengthen this new father for the future.

*names and photos changed to protect patient privacy

Christine Vatuone