Welcome Melody Collings: New Board Member!


Melody was born and raised in Southern California with her adoptive parents and adopted older brother. She attended LIFE Bible College in Los Angeles where she obtained her Associate of Arts Degree in Theology in 1988. Later, she attended USF where she obtained her Master’s Degree in Nursing. She is currently working as a registered nurse at St. Louise Regional Hospital.

Previously working as an elementary school teacher, youth minister, youth cheer director, and pediatric home health nurse showed Melody right where her passion lay…with children! This passion, along with her adoptive past, made the opportunity to join Informed Choices a very exciting one. Recently, Melody met her birth mother and two half-sisters and then, she found siblings on her birth father’s side and plans to meet them soon, too. Melody has 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren. She enjoys finding new tea houses and staying at Bed and Breakfast Inns when traveling. We are so happy to welcome Melody to our Board!



Kathleen Shaffer