A Look Over My Shoulder | May 2019


After telling Yasmin* that her pregnancy test was positive, she said she felt, “overwhelmed.” Her boyfriend, Edward*, was waiting for us to consult before he joined us for the ultrasound. Yasmin said that they were committed to each other but she had some worries about their future. I checked “Abortion Vulnerable” on her intake form. She wasn’t saying that she wanted to have an abortion, but she was expressing fear, worry and concern about this pregnancy and her future. Definitely vulnerable.

Later, as they saw their 7-week-old baby come into focus, Yasmin started to cry and Edward’s eyes never left the screen. The tiny heart was beating steadily at 141 beats per minute and when I turned on the Doppler, the sound filled the room. After the ultrasound, I told them that thanks to our generous donors, it would be our delight to help them with maternity & baby clothes and supplies. They left with a “New Mom’s Packet,” prenatal vitamins, and a photo of their baby and I checked “Likely to Carry” on Yasmin’s final evaluation form.

One week later, Yasmin came back to Informed Choices asking to talk to me. She started crying as soon as I came into the consultation room and continued sobbing throughout our conversation. She and Edward had broken up and she had decided to have an abortion. Her appointment was scheduled for the following week. I was praying, asking Jesus to give me the words that would help this mama imagine life for herself and her unborn child. Everything that I said was met with the same response, “I just can’t have this baby.” 

Before she left, I asked Yasmin if I could pray for her. She said, “Yes, please.” After Yasmin left, our staff and volunteers immediately joined me in prayer. Then, I sent an urgent message to our prayer coordinator asking for more prayer for Yasmin. With great sorrow, I changed her evaluation to “Abortion Minded.”

In the next two weeks I called Yasmin twice and both times she did not answer. Both times, I left messages for her saying I was praying for her and to come in if we could help in any way. THEN...

Last week, I learned that Yasmin had come in to the Center for maternity clothes and yesterday, she and Edward came in again - just to let me know they are having a baby girl. Yasmin again cried the whole time, but this time they were tears of joy! We learned that Yasmin had been scheduled for several abortion appointments and each time something came up and she was unable to go!

Edward said that he had actually been “praying hard” that she would change her mind and keep their baby. I said that I had been praying for the same! I also told them that our prayer team had been praying for Yasmin and their baby, too. 

This precious mama had gone from “Abortion Vulnerable” to “Likely to Carry” to “Abortion Minded” on her evaluation form. After they left, I had the great pleasure of changing Yasmin’s evaluation form back to “Likely to Carry” again.

All during their story, prayers were being prayed for LIFE to the One who alone gives life. I’m so happy to report that God really does answer our prayers. 

Nurse Manager, Debbie Whittaker

(*name changed to protect patient privacy)

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Christine Vatuone