From My Heart to Yours | April 2019


My friends, if you were able to see the movie, Unplanned,in theaters recently, you probably had your eyes opened to the reality of the violence of abortion...violence to the pre-born...and violence to women who, for various reasons, have chosen abortion. If you have any doubts about the truthfulness of the portrayal of abortion or the abortion industry as shown in Unplanned, please have no doubtsThis is the REALITY of abortion.

 The question now is, what will you do to make abortion unthinkable? 


I am the CEO of Informed Choices because I want to spare women from abortion. (I have heard too many heart-breaking stories.) Some people pray, some protest, and others give to organizations that fight for the right to Life.  What about you?


If you are receiving this Newsletter, it is likely you have made the choice to give to a pro-life pregnancy center in order to Support Women & Uphold Life. I applaud your choice! Your gifts make abortion unthinkable in the lives of real women. (Please read Nurse Debbie’s story about Andrea*!!)


This past week, I had the incredible joy of having TWO former patients who benefited from your financial gifts visit me at Informed Choices. Marilyn, who gave birth to the very first baby associated with our new IC Clinic in Gilroy, sat in my office speaking of God’s amazing intervention in her life. Her baby will be starting kindergarten next fall. I was mesmerized! I thank each and every one of you who sacrificed so together we could support women like Marilyn!


I was also thrilled to get a visit from Angie. Not only did we support her and her baby when they were living in a homeless encampment in Gilroy, but we have seen her through college, engagement, and another baby! This mama is now settled in her own family - and settled in safe and affordable housing. Angie’s future is bright because of you! 


Never doubt the incredible difference your donations make in the lives of real women and children. Because of you, not only has abortion become unthinkable in their lives, but the possibilities of LIFE are endless! 

With you for Life -- Christine  

Christine Vatuone