A Look Over My Shoulder | April 2019


Ever wondered what happens at a patient visit? Check out our new Client Experience Video on the homepage of our new website! Let me also give you A Look Over My Shoulder...Our clients receive the services and support we recommend and the services and support they wish to receive. This may mean just one appointment, but we open our doorsso our patients can receive support in many ways during multiple visits. We know that every visit may result in “open doors” to uphold Life and point our patients to Jesus.  Andrea* has visited Informed Choices three times (so far!)

 The first time Andrea visited she was stressed. She explained she takes care of her two small children, her grandma, and two nieces. She also has health issues, drinks alcohol, and smokes both cigarettes and marijuana. Andrea seemed even more stressed when I told her that her pregnancy test was positive. She said that her relationship with her boyfriend wasn’t good and that he would want her to have an abortion. She said she would “probably take the abortion pill.” Still, she said, “Yes,” when offered an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed she was very early in her pregnancy, so she was scheduled for a re-scan in two weeks. After she left, we prayed for Andrea and for her baby and sent an email to our Prayer Coordinator asking our prayer partners to join us in praying for “A. who is considering abortion.”


To our surprise and relief, Andrea showed up for her second visit to Informed Choices; the appointment for her ultrasound re-scan. She reported that she was in a “bad mood” and that her stress level was even higher. Two weeks in the life of a pre-born baby brings a lot of growth and this time we were able to see and hear Andrea’s baby’s heart beating. Her baby measured at 10.1 mm – just 7 weeks and 1 day. Andrea seemed entranced by her baby’s heartbeat and seemed amazed that the baby was so small -- but so alive.She left with a little hand-knit baby hat, prenatal vitamins, and our encouragement to come back for maternity clothes and baby clothes and supplies.


The third time Andrea came to visit, she wasn’t so much stressed as she was worried. She was worried about her baby because she had experienced some “spotting.” I explained we don’t provide ultrasounds in such cases and recommended that she see her doctor. What I could provide Andrea was a listening ear and a caring heart. We talked for a long time about her life (still stressful!), her relationship with her boyfriend (still bad!), and her work load (still heavy!) Then she said something that brought tears to my eyes...


“You didn’t know it, but I was going to have an abortion until I saw my baby’s heart beating.” Andrea also said she has been sobersince finding out that she was pregnant. I told her that sometimes a baby saves her mother’s life. She agreed that this is what her baby has done for her.


Andrea then told me the reason she had wanted to visit Informed Choices this third time was because “the people here like me a lot.” I told her she was absolutely correct! I also told her that as much as we like her, God loves her so much more, no matter what. We talked about living life with Jesus. We talked about bringing Him our brokenness. We talked about prayer. I told her the Bible says,“His ears are open to our cries.”She wiped her eyes and said she knew God had brought her to Informed Choices


Because of you, Andrea not only received the pregnancy services she needed (a pregnancy test and two ultrasounds), but because we are able to open our doors for multiple visits, Andrea’s heart was openedand Andrea was pointed to Jesus! She received the prayers of many and the Message of Life. We will keep praying for Andrea and we are looking forward to many more visitswith her as we support her with maternity clothes, prenatal vitamins, baby clothes, baby supplies, and the love of Jesus!

~ Nurse Manager, Debbie Whittaker

(*name changed to protect patient privacy)

Christine Vatuone