March 2019 Newsletter - Life Banquet 2019 & More!

LifeBanquet 2019

LifeBanquet 2019 was a huge success! On Thursday, March 14, 350 guests entered the Granada Theater in Morgan Hill and together celebrated 30 years of Mission: to support women and uphold that lives would be saved from abortion and transformed by the Gospel! The venue was amazing, the decorations were beautiful, registration was easy, taking photos was fun, the music was lovely, and the food was great!

 Pastors Eric Smith, Justin Richter, and Isaac Serrano joined our Board Chair, Dr. Mike Stewart, and me in sharing Our Story, recognizing the Hoiberg’s Legacy of Life, and providing a deeper understanding of the absolute need for the Life-Affirming work of Informed Choices for women and families in our community. 

All who have and do support Informed Choices are STARS in our eyes...and we celebrate your many contributions, just asour theme verse for LifeBanquet 2019 highlights:

“Shining among them like stars...holding fast the MESSAGE OF LIFE!”Philippians 2:15-16

I am so thankful for the Great Commission Association of Baptist Churches, South Valley Community Church, South Valley Insurance (Jeff Guenther), Tech Smart Air Conditioning, and D&M Traffic Services, along with Visual Edge Optometry (Dr. Peter Kovach) and Vanni Properties for sponsoring LifeBanquet 2019. Also, the Task-Force who joined me and Kathleen Shaffer in planning the event (Bethany Lira, Sonya Eversole, Ruth Mann, and Peter Kovach) did an outstanding job! It truly was an amazing night from start to finish! 

As I recalled the five goals I had for Informed Choices when I began in 2014: re-brand, re-locate, become a licensed clinic, strengthen our Board and organization, and add our Mobile Clinic – I was overjoyed to think of all the STARS who joined me each step of the way. At the same time, I remain awed by the contributions of so many faithful STARS who have been a part of Our Story since we were founded in 1989. So many lives have intersected with IC, and  each one played a role in our 30 Year Story of LIFE. 

As we look forward toward to the next chapter, we anticipate further reaching women in both our Clinic in Gilroy and our Mobile Clinic(which is now ready to roll!) They need our pregnancy services and practical help, along with the love of Christ, so they can see the possibilities of LIFE for themselves and their pre-born children. This Message of LIFE is one they may never hear if we do not reach them.  

Along with a video of the Center, we shared a video from the Pastors of our Church Partners wishing us a Happy Anniversary and urging us to join them in their support of IC, We then ended the night with a video from clients sharing how IC has made a difference in their lives (view these at!) Now we need you!

 We raised $98,905toward our goal of raising $100,000at LifeBanquet 2019. THANK YOU ALL, SO MUCH! This means we only need ONE MORE STAR – someone who will sponsor the lives of ONE WOMAN and ONE CHILD for $1200 (or $120/month). Will you be that ONE?   

If you were unable to attend LifeBanquet 2019, it’s not too late to become a part of Our Story today as we begin the next chapter!

With you for Life -- Christine 


Christine Vatuone