From My Heart to Yours | October 2018

“Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places…”

(Eph 6:12)

I recently heard that some of you who faithfully support Informed

Choices have at the same time been afraid to admit it publicly. While this saddens me…I completely understand. It is difficult to face persecution. And 2018 has been an unprecedented year for Gospel-Centered, Life-Affirming Centers and Clinics, particularly in California. Our victories have been great - but so have the attacks against us.

As a California Center, we found ourselves a regular target of these attacks. The Nation watched as CA cooperated with the abortion industry to craft the Bills, AB775 and SB320. The first designed to force Pregnancy Centers to direct their patients to the nearest abortion clinic; the second drafted to turn Student Health Centers into abortion clinics distributing the chemical abortion pill. More recently, we witnessed an almost circus-like atmosphere after the nomination of Justice Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court amidst fear that this new appointment would result in more decisions like AB775 and possibly the eventual overturn of Roe v. Wade. In the end, the Supreme Court struck down AB775, our own CA Governor vetoed SB320 and Judge Kavanaugh won his seat on the Supreme Court. I rejoice at these outcomes! At the same time, the abortion industry and “pro-choice” government leaders have promised we will face more legal battles. They have made it very clear they want to shut us down. They have also done everything they can to destroy our image in the public and question the integrity of every clinic, clinic worker, and center donor.

From print to prime-time, the National Press overtly and systematically repeated the lies of our opponents and tried to create fear in the public by calling us “fake clinics” which “lie” to women and “force” them through “manipulation” and “misinformation” to have children they don’t want to have. Never before have we experienced such forceful, deceitful, and hateful attacks. And I have to admit, these outrageous and inflammatory descriptions have hurt me (and made me mad!) I believe they have also affected some of you, our donors. So what should our response be to the abortion industry spreading lies, government leaders opposed to our work, and a media which unfairly takes sides with both. (Or to friends and family who think we are crazy for supporting Informed Choices?) To whom should we look as an example for this response?

Jesus warned and even promised us that to follow Him would also mean bearing persecution. Although Informed Choices is not “The Church” per se, we are a Gospel-Centered Organization and we exist not only to see lives saved and spared from abortion, but to see lives changed and transformed by the Gospel. It is no surprise then that we experience persecution. Jesus Himself faced lies and hatred; ultimately, He faced death. And Jesus, of course, is where we find our answer to a proper response to the comparatively minor persecution we face as servants of the Gospel at Informed Choices. 

First, we must stand firm and continue to proclaim the Gospel. Second, we must keep in prayer and depend on the Lord’s power in the face of every attack. Whether it be a legal battle or having our character questioned as staff, volunteers, or supporters. And third, we must be prepared with our spiritual armor, because after all, this is not a battle with government, press, the abortion industry, or even our friends and family. It is not a battle against flesh and blood at all. 

This month, I simply ask you to stand with us in the battle and remain true in your support of Informed Choices. Whatever that may be. We are so much better together! I also want to tell you that we have hired Kathleen Shaffer as our new SITE DIRECTOR! She will work alongside me, manage day-to-day operations, and spread the word about IC throughout our community. This is one lady who is not afraid of a little persecution! I couldn’t be more happy that she has taken on this new role. She is also an example to us al

Anna Vatuone