A Look Over My Shoulder | October 2018

When Amanda answered the phone at Informed Choices, the young lady explained that she wanted an appointment right away. She also said someone had made an appointment for her to have an abortion - but she did not want one.  Amanda scheduled her for an appointment with us that afternoon.

I met with Darla* in our Consultation Room to discuss the results of her positive pregnancy test…and I asked her who was trying to make her have an abortion. She said, “The guy in the waiting room.” 

As the story unfolded, I found out that her long-term boyfriend, Alex*, was very sure that they should not have this baby. He had several reasons for this decision. They already had a child, they were both working and just getting on their feet, and their parents would be upset – again. 

Against her own feelings, Darla had given in to Alex’s wishes and scheduled an abortion. The appointment had been scheduled for earlier that same morning. However, on the way to the appointment their car wouldn’t start. Darla called Planned Parenthood to tell them that they were having car trouble and she was told that they would hold       her appointment for just one hour. 

During that hour…

Alex tried repeatedly to start the car; he “tried everything to get the car going, to no avail.” Finally, an hour had passed and they had missed their window of time. Alex tried again to start the car and it started right away. Darla told him that she thought it was God telling them not to abort their baby. That was when Darla called Informed Choices. She also asked Alex to come with her. He reluctantly agreed. 

After talking with Darla, I asked if she would like to have an ultrasound. She said, “Yes, please!” Alex eventually joined us in the Ultrasound Room. He was seated in a chair about a foot away from the exam table, facing the screen on the wall. As the baby came into view on the screen, Alex went from sitting back in his chair, to leaning forward, to standing, to hugging his girlfriend as she lay on the exam table. The sound of the baby’s heartbeat filled the room. Their baby measured at 9 weeks 6 days and he or she delighted us all by moving all around.

All thoughts of an abortion were gone as this Dad fell in love with his baby. Darla was crying but they were tears of joy…and relief.

*Names changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Written by Debbie Whittaker

Anna Vatuone