From San Francisco to New York...


In 2017 & 2018 it was the Reproductive “Fact” Act when the State of California tried to force Life-Affirming Pregnancy Centers and Medical Clinics to advertise abortion services on the walls of our clinics and unfairly point women away from our centers. In 2019, it’s the State of New York who signed the Reproductive “Health” Act on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. This new atrocity allows for abortion at ANY stage of a woman’s pregnancy, and if an abortion fails and a child is born alive, that child will no longer be protected. These actions are outrageous! From San Francisco to New York City, it is clear that our government is bent on the destruction of the pre-born!  

If it were not for YOU, I might lose hope. But I know that God is raising up an army of faithful champions who are prayinggivingvolunteeringworking, and SUPPORTING LIFE from coast to coast, all across this nation!

Did you know that although there are some 788 abortion clinics in the US, there are also 2600 Pro-LifePregnancy Centers in America! In 2017 alone, some 67, 400 volunteers at these centers provided nearly 2 MILLION people with FREE services! That is astounding! I urge you to read more uplifting stats from, "A Half Century of Hope, A Legacy of Life and Love: Pregnancy Center Service Report, Third Edition," by the Charlotte Lozier Institute.  

In all honesty, I believe that spectacles like we have seen from CA and NY in the last few years will only result in seeing the army of the faithfulgrow stronger.

 I don’t know about you, but I saw social media light up with heart-felt messages from individuals who watched what happened in New York and who finally said, “Enough!” I HOPE those who are otherwise silent on abortion issues have been pushed too far this time. Polls tell us that the Average Joe & Jill who consider themselves “Pro-Choice” are not in favor of a law that ends the lives of children who can clearly live outside their mothers’ wombs! Do you believe your neighbors condone leaving a child to struggle for breath after a failed abortion? No, this is not a law with wide popular enthusiasm. This is a law passed by the elite who are in lock step with the abortion industry. My only HOPE is that they have awakened a sleeping giant. 

I was stopped in my tracks when I heard President Trump say at the State of the Union Address a few days ago that “all children, born and unborn, are made in the holy image of God.”At a recent Volunteer Training a woman came because after NY she felt she mustDO SOMETHING. I am encouraged by those who are praying, giving, volunteering, and SPEAKING UP to support Life, whether they be on the East Coast or here in the West. I am thankful for YOU. Keep giving! Keep serving! Because of YOU, we are seeing more lives saved and transformed than ever before.  

With you for Life -- Christine 


Christine Vatuone