Our Father loves mamas and babies…


Rheanna* didn't have an appointment and she didn't come to receive anything. She came to drop off her child's outgrown clothes and shoes – lots of shoes! She said, “I didn't realize that my daughter had so many shoes!” I said, “Someone will probably come in later today needing shoes. That's just how it works around here!” And we both laughed.

 Lots of people drop off baby clothes and supplies and we appreciate them so much. The amazing thing about Rheanna is that she is an Informed Choices mama. She has been the recipient of many things from Informed Choices during the past three years including a pregnancy test, ultrasound, prenatal vitamins, maternity clothes, baby clothes, a bassinet, a bouncer, blankets, etc. She's not the first mama who has given back to Informed Choices. Our moms are often very tender-hearted and sensitive to the needs of other moms like themselves who have little or no support. It happens fairly often, but it always makes us a little teary-eyed.

Rheanna and I talked for a while. She told me about her new job and that she's attending church (thank you Jesus!) Also, she mentioned that she and her fiancé are having some difficulties. I prayed for her and she left with a hug (and a high chair!) About two hours after she left – I kid you not - a mom came in with a newborn and several other children. Two of the children were barefoot. Of course, the shoes that Rheanna had just brought in fit them perfectly. Our Father loves mamas and babies…and barefoot children!     


*Name changed to protect our client's privacy.


Christine Vatuone