September 2019 Newsletter


Abortion Pill Reversal is now a service provided by Informed Choices! But without your generous donations, will we be able to promote this great news or fund this life-saving protocol?

When I first heard about Abortion Pill Reversal, it was 2015 and we were planning our first annual banquet for Informed Choices. I invited Rebekah Buell (Hagan) to tell her story and our guests were riveted as she shared how she changed her mind after swallowing the first pill of the two-pill process for a chemical abortion (mifepristone and misoprostol) known simply as the “abortion pill.” She found a website offering help through Abortion Pill Reversal, received the help she needed, and delivered a healthy baby! Recently, we participated in a showing of the movie, Unplanned, in which the realities of medication abortion were revealed in the real-life depiction of popular speaker, author, and activist, Abby Johnson’s life. The movie shows the emotional trauma and physical suffering women often endure in a chemical abortion. At Informed Choices, it has been our goal to provide Abortion Pill Reversal as one of our services, a protocol which uses progesterone to counteract the effects of the first pill, mifepristone. Seeing this movie for the first time, my desire to open our clinic to women who might change their minds about medication (abortion pill) abortions grew exponentially. Nurse Manager, Debbie Whittaker, shared my determination to provide this life-saving protocol, so when we attended

Heartbeat International’s Annual Conference in Texas last April, Debbie headed to the APR workshop and I had the honor to attend a closed round table discussion with Heartbeat’s Jor-el Godsey. (It was an honor to be welcomed into the discussion as one of just about 20 participants!) Since 2007, Dr. George Delgado had led the APR Network – and helped save over 450 lives! But in 2018, APR changed hands and Heartbeat took over the 24/7 Helpline of the newly named Abortion Pill Rescue Network. We came back to Gilroy more determined than ever to add APR to our services...and that is exactly what we did!

Today, if a woman in our area contacts APR for help to reverse her abortion after taking the first pill, medical professionals who serve at IC can provide the protocol of progesterone, limited obstetric ultrasound, medical consultations and a good deal of compassionate support and prayer from our entire network of staff, volunteers, and Center supporters.

I am so pleased we have extended our medical help to include APR! We have some more work to do to make sure women searching online will find us and we want to make sure we are marketing this (and all of) our Life-Affirming services! And this is where you come in.

APR is just one more reason we need your help.

If you are a donor, please know how incredibly grateful we are for your support! Please continue to give faithfully and regularly. Sometimes during the summer months, we see a dip in support...and I need you to understand how much we rely on your financial giving to fund Informed Choices. If you have not yet made the commitment to give to IC, we make it easy! You can simply go to our website and make an online donation. Or, you can call the Center and we will do the work for you. (You can even use the enclosed envelope if you receive this newsletter by USPS.) Without you, we can’t meet the needs of women searching for APR... or any pregnancy services for that matter. And we know what happens when Life-Affirming services are not available. Women turn to Planned Parenthood.

Kirk Walden of Pregnancy Help News recently highlighted this in his article, The Abortion Industry Will Never Accept Abortion Pill Reversal (APR): 4 reasons why.  As Kirk says, “If the abortion industry ever acknowledged the efficacy of APR, it would place them in an untenable position. Currently, the industry monopolizes the word, “Choice.” If they ever admit APR works, it is reasonable to expect any provider of “choice” to share APR information with its clientele. They’ll never do this, so the industry’s only option is to dismiss APR.”

Planned Parenthood will never accept APR. Patients who turn to PP for help amidst regret during a medication abortion are told that APR is dangerous and will not work (despite the 750 lives saved to date!)

I don’t want the women of our community searching for APR to be dismissed. I want them to call the Helpline and be placed in contact with Informed Choices. I pray God will allow us to serve women in this way – and we need the funds to reach them and serve them.


One really FUN way you can do this is to join us for Wild Western Nights on September 13th! (SEE Kathleen’s article in Behind the Scenes). We only have two major fundraisers per year and to be honest, we really need more people to join us for our fall fundraiser at Guglielmo Winery. If we do not increase our guest count, we will actually be paying for people who aren’t even there! So, I beseech you to join us and turn this event into one that will finance the FREE services we provide at Informed Choices – services which now, finally, include Abortion Pill Reversal & Rescue! I hope to see you there!


With you for LIFE!

Christine Vatuone, CEO

Christine Vatuone