A Look Over My Shoulder - October 2019

It's October, and that means pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, delicious fruit pies and baked goods of all kinds...and many of you will be eating a little more candy than normal, too! As you savor the sweetness, remember THIS: one of the sweetest days I experienced recently at Informed Choices.

Because of you, all of this happened in ONE day at Informed Choices - Thank you! Thank you!

I prayed with four mamas.

  • Two mamas said “I love you.”

  • A precious mama told me that a conversation we had a year and half ago helped her and her boyfriend decide to get married sooner rather than later.

  • I was invited to another mama’s wedding!

  • I got to see “A Diamond on a Ring:" A teeny baby (the diamond) on the edge of the yolk sac (the ring). The baby as big as a grain of rice and the baby’s beating heart as big as a poppy seed.

  • I talked with a mama who had almost had an abortion but didn’t.

  • I talked and prayed with a mama who asked, “If I ask for forgiveness, will He forgive everything?”

  • I got 8 hugs from mamas (and 1 from a 2 year old princess.)

  • I gave out information about housing, diapers, food…

  • I encouraged 2 mamas to take themselves and their children to church.

  • I looked into the big brown eyes of a baby boy and a baby girl.

  • A mama shared this quote with me, “I’m gonna pray more and vent less because I don’t need sympathy, I need strength.” Then she said, “Is this what you do?”

  • I got to encourage a mama with an abortion in her past to come to our S.O.S. group for healing.

  • I gave a Bible to a mama who held it...as if it was as precious as it is.

While I was in the consultation room, Traci and our wonderful volunteers were giving out maternity & baby clothes and supplies up front. Thank you to all our awesome donors and supporters for giving faithfully and sacrificially so that this ONE SWEET DAY (of many) could happen.


Christine Vatuone