From My Heart to Yours | September 2018

Last month, I shared a story of friendship about Marilyn and Gracie. Their lives intertwined as one client invited another to choose Informed Choices for their pregnancy help needs…and as one invited the other to choose LIFE! This month, we witnessed another story of friendship which touched our hearts - and I know it will touch yours.

In “A Look Over My Shoulder,” Nurse Manager Debbie Whittaker tells this amazing story of Quinn, a client from last year - who is now the mother of a 6 month old baby boy! - who intervened in the life of her friend, Cassie, to ensure that before keeping her appointment with Planned Parenthood to end her pregnancy, she came to Informed Choices first. Cassie’s story is very moving and like so many others is the reason Informed Choices exists.

I shared this story at our recent Havana Nights! event…and if you were not able to attend, I first want to take a moment to say how deeply thankful I am to everyone who did attend and to all those who generously showed their commitment to our center, to our mission, and to our patients! As I witnessed the unfolding of this event, I was struck with the fact that every bid on a silent auction basket, and every bid during our live auction, was really like “bidding on LIFE!” In my heart, I was hearing the guests of Havana Nights! joining us in our work to help our patients imagine the possibilities of life…possibilities that are often hard to imagine when they first walk through our doors; possibilities that become blurred when the things they are lacking loom so clearly in their minds and make them susceptible to the lie that abortion is their one and only option (things like insurance, housing, emotional & familial support, the support of a partner, complications of school and work responsibilities; on and on it goes.) 

To ‘bid on something’ is to call; to wish; to summon something. And whether you attended Havana Nights! and placed your bids on one of our amazing cruises, or choose to send in your monthly or one-time donation to Informed Choices, when you do “place your bids,” so to speak, you are really calling our patients to a better LIFE! You are placing your trust in us to serve our patients needs, help them to see that the things they are lacking are not so great that they can not be     overcome, and can never outweigh what they will gain…the gift of LIFE! You are really saying, “I am bidding on you!” “I believe in you!” “You can do it!” “CHOOSE LIFE!”  for your child…and  for your self. Dear friends, thank you for bidding on life. 

Anna Vatuone