A Look Over My Shoulder | September 2018

f you read last month’s newsletter, you know that Christine has been writing/talking about friendship and its role at Informed Choices. Surely God has been directing her mind and her words because we have been seeing so much of friendship’s impact here at the Center. This month I’d like to invite you to look over my shoulder as I tell you Cassie’s * story…

I first heard of Cassie through a phone call from her friend Quinn*. Quinn is a beautiful and special young woman who came to Informed Choices last year. She was young, pregnant, and scared. Now Quinn is married and is the happy mother of a 6 month old baby boy. She called me because her friend Cassie is now in very much the same situation. Cassie is 18, pregnant, terrified and trying to decide what to do. Quinn said that Cassie had already been to Planned Parenthood and was strongly leaning toward abortion. Quinn was encouraging her to come to Informed Choices before making a final decision. She asked if we had an opening for an appointment that day. My answer, “Yes, absolutely, please bring her in.” Quinn asked someone to watch her little one and picked up Cassie and her boyfriend and brought them to the Center. 

We always start with a pregnancy test. Then I met with Cassie alone in our Pregnancy Choice Consultation Room. She was not surprised when the test result was positive. 

She started to cry and said that she didn’t know what to do. She felt that an abortion was her only option, even though she thought abortion was morally wrong. Her biggest fear was telling her parents. She said that she didn’t think they would want her to have an abortion but she was dreading their disappointment and possible anger. I told her that babies have a way of winning over grandparents. I encouraged her to think of their response as a big wave at the ocean. A wave that would come and then recede. 

I explained that at Informed Choices we’re all about information. I offered her an ultrasound as part of that information so that she and her boyfriend could make a decision based on truth. She said yes right away.

We invited her boyfriend to join us the ultrasound room. As their tiny baby showed up on the large screen on the wall, they saw the flicker of its heart beating. Cassie started crying again, but this time there was joy mixed in with her fear and upset. Her boyfriend was amazed that the baby’s heart was already beating away. The sound filled the room and found a place in both their hearts.

They left that day with a picture of their baby, prenatal vitamins and the promise of our prayers for Cassie’s parents to quickly accept this new life. Quinn was waiting to give them a ride home and to offer encouragement and hope born of her own experience. 

*Names changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

Anna Vatuone