From My Heart to Yours: Celebrating Victories!

 “Two big ones!” That is what one Knight from Morgan Hill declared on July 10th when our new incoming Board Chairman, Dr. Mike Stewart, and I received a check representing the grand total of our Imagine Life! Campaign. He meant, of course, that we are celebrating both the end of this successful campaign to raise funds for our Mobile Unit AND our recent Supreme Court Victory. “TWO BIG ONES,” indeed!

Whether you know it or not, all of you who currently donate to and support Informed Choices, are doing so in amazing, historic times! For two years, Informed Choices, and every other life-affirming “crisis pregnancy center” in the State of CA, has been burdened by the Bill AB775, passed by our legislators, which violated our moral and ethical consciences - not to mention our reason for existing - by requiring us to provide our patients with referrals to abortion services the moment they enter our clinics (as well as onerous notices about the services some centers do NOT provide.) Our State Legislature decided it did not matter if this was a violation of our free speech rights. So, they targeted every life-affirming Pregnancy Medical Clinic & Resource Center in the state, ONLY, and essentially tried to use us to provide free advertising for the abortion industry while attempting to shut us down. Well, we prayed…and brave souls at NIFLA (National Institute of Family & Life Advocates) and ADF (Alliance Defending Freedom) fought for our FREE SPEECH rights and the right to support women & uphold Life UNHINDERED by our oppressive government. 

During this battle, I had the distinct honor to represent our centers and clinics in front of national House & Senate staffers in Washington DC and in interviews with the Washington Post, AP, NPR, and VICE News, to name a few. Though every news report was skewed in favor of the State of CA, we were able to open our doors and give people a peek at the services and support we provide…and WHY we exist: To help women and families imagine the possibilities of LIFE! Women like Sarah  who may not have had the chance to see her baby or hear her baby’s heartbeat during her ultrasound, IF the FIRST thing she received when entering our clinic was a referral to our local abortion clinic. What a privilege for Informed Choices to be given a front row seat during this historic fight for the right to openly speak to our patients about ALL of their options…including the right to LIFE! As donors and supporters, you have journeyed with us, every step of the way!

Recently, this battle progressed all the way to SCOTUS and on June 26, 2018, the Supreme Court OF THE UNITED STATES ruled on NIFLA v. Becerra in our favor! WE WON! Praise God! That said…NARAL and others in our state (and across America) have openly expressed their intentions to continue their own battle to see that centers like Informed Choices do not get in their way as they promote abortion as the ONLY option for women facing the challenges of unsupported pregnancy. But with God’s Spirit guiding us…and with your help…we will continue to support these women while UPHOLDING LIFE.

We are also celebrating the recent conclusion of our Imagine Life! Campaign. On July 10th at St. Catherine’s Church, we were presented with a check for $90,000! This represents the combined fundraising efforts of Informed Choices and the Knights of Columbus along with a matching funds grant from the National Council of the KOC. These funds will be used specifically for our Mobile Clinic (RV) and will ensure we are able to provide the same resources and medical services women receive in our clinic in Gilroy to those who can’t get to us. Thank you to everyone who participated. We are better together!! 

Anna Vatuone