From My Heart to Yours | June 2018

Life is filled with uncertainty.

Personally, I have had to learn to live with the ongoing uncertainty of stage 4 breast cancer. I have wondered, “How long?” And professionally, I have feared that my own uncertainty in life will cause problems for Informed Choices. I have questioned, “What if?”

Staff members & volunteers have also faced uncertainties that come from loss. Last year, Nurse Lisa Monte’s husband, Alex, died suddenly. This loss left Lisa not only a widow but has also required her to make some difficult decisions about her work and time. Volunteer Nurse Nancy Hoiberg also experienced this kind of loss. Many years ago, she and her husband, Rick, donated countless hours and significant resources to help South Valley Pregnancy Care Center - now Informed Choices - get our Mobile Unit. Then, they moved to Portland, OR. Later, Rick was diagnosed with cancer and after a tough battle he passed away in 2016. 

All of these situations have caused me to think about the uncertainty of life. Yet, in the midst of these uncertainties, I have seen God’s protection and provision as He has lavished us with His perfect gifts! What an incredible Father we have! So, it is with the truth of our Heavenly Father’s unchanging and generous character that I am able to reveal some exciting new advancements at Informed Choices that are interwoven within all of these circumstances. 

First, I am thrilled to announce that despite my ongoing battle with cancer, I am doing well and will remain in my current role as CEO of Informed Choices. For the time being my hours will remain very part-time, but I will continue to provide vision and direction. At the same time, God has provided us with the means to hire a new Center Director. This person will take over many of my former duties in the areas of development and operations. Please pray for just the right fit as this is a very important role in the life of our Pregnancy Clinic & Resource Center.

Also, Lisa Monte has been given a wonderful new opportunity to work full-time for Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital. We will miss her greatly, but are rejoicing in God’s provision for her life and family. (And she knows our doors are always open to her!) At the same time, Nancy Hoiberg will be joining our staff! We see God’s hand in Nancy’s life and are so happy she returned to Informed Choices to carry on with her calling to this ministry. These ladies have comforted one another in their losses and will now encourage one another in their new endeavors. 

I am amazed by the perfect way in which God continues to meet our needs! Our Heavenly Father is a CERTAIN and UNCHANGING Hope in a world filled with uncertainty. And our Father longs to give good gifts to us, His children.

We see this in the lives of the women and families we serve, too. They face uncertainty about jobs, living arrangements and, of course, pregnancy decisions. But through your prayers, our Heavenly Father meets their needs and provides the hope they need in the face of uncertainty. He is Himself, the most perfect gift of all! 

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and support!

Anna Vatuone