"I think I might be pregnant..." Those 5 little words you hoped you would never hear. Well, deciding to have sex has now impacted at least 3 lives: your life, your girlfriend's life, and the life she is carrying. So, what will you do now? 

Although you may not have control over the choice your girlfriend makes, you do have choices of your own to make. 

You can:

  • Support her by saying, "Whatever you decide..."

  • Leave your girlfriend to deal with it on her own

  • Parent your child with your girlfriend (or wife)

  • Help your girlfriend (or wife) create an adoption plan

  • Suggest she have an abortion 

The truth is, there are serious consequences to every choice you make. 

  • Supporting your girlfriend by letting her make up her own mind about "her body" seems like a good thing to do. It also neglects your own feelings and needs...and the needs of your child. You are already a father. What is the best thing for this baby?

  • Sure, you could say, "It's not my problem." But this isn't just a problem...its a child. What is the best thing for this baby?

  • Raising a child is hard. It is also rewarding. We can help provide you with resources that may help you on this journey. Today is just one of many days you will ask, “What is the best thing for this baby?”

  • Adoption is a loving thing to do. Have you and your partner discussed it? What is the best thing for this baby?

  • Abortion often seems like a "magic eraser" that will help take the problem away. Make sure you have the best abortion information you can get. There are several procedures to consider and there are risks to consider with each procedure. You owe it to your partner and to yourself to get the facts first. An abortion decision is final and you will have to live with it forever. "What is the best thing..."

Wouldn't you like to talk to someone?

 You have options, too. 

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